Decal Plugin: burp

A melee combat tweak that i hope will sprout some good ideas.

Virindi Tank has a setting called DebuffEachFirst: Casts debuffs for each valid target before beginning attack. One: debuffs one monster then attacks it. Priority: debuffs all monsters of the same priority then attacks. All: debuffs all monsters before attacking regardless of priority.

This is great because it could be desirable to focus on burning a minion down, while others are around to tank for you and compete against you for efficiency.  This doesn’t always work well during times when you’re alone and surrounded by ferocious creepers, as every transition between casting mode and melee mode is deadly, and vulning all the creeps before killing the pack is much more efficient in some cases.

burp automatically updates in realtime DebuffEachFirst so that if you’re alone, use the One setting, if not, use the All setting.  It allows for better synergy with your fellow-mates and better defense.

I highly recommended it for melee toons if you can stand its bugginess. it’s currently v0.0.2

  • right now multi-client doesn’t work
  • it replaces your chat with junk, so you can’t recall previous chat entries (known bug)
  • it might replace anything the typing cursor is on (known bug), so it can’t run while you use things like the journal, unless you want a mess fast.

What is really needed now is a way to have different debuff/attack distances and somehow optionally turn off vulns when not alone, but that’s another story.  An option to invert behavior would be helpful too.

burp v0.0.2
burp v0.0.2
Version: 0.0.2
136.6 KiB

Bitcoin QR Code Generator

A QR Code Generator for bitcoin.

This wrapper provides an image generator, url builder that will generate a “generator url” to use to either generate and save an image, or have something hotlink the generator every time it’s needed, like an <img tag on a web page. What distinguishes this method from client side scripts, is that the client requirements are minimum: only a web enabled browser with png image view capabilities is needed. The code can appear in most web aware technology,  website/forums/email/etc., even for instances without client side greasemonkey scripts/etc. It uses a modified version of PHPQRCode It has a front end “builder” with some options like colors and logos.The todo list is 1) an “embed code” generator for the image for hotlinking, and 2) “file based caching”.  The front end relies on jQuery. The back end has the same requirements as PHPQRCode.

BTC QR Source
BTC QR Source
1.4 MiB


ViktorAmp allows you and your friends to create voice conferences. VOIP over proprietary protocols.

Currently ViktorAmp works with a PTT (Push To Talk) system. Right now the PTT key is the space bar but the option to change that will be added.

Overlays an on-screen display or heads up display on the top left of your screen, indicating who is talking and the current time.

Requires .Net Framework 4.0

To Do List:

  • composite all incoming webcam data into a montage with your outgoing webcam data in the center, possibly overlay a “speaking” icon over the appropriate players’ images.
  • allow an “avatar” gif image file instead of webcam image
  • overlay the players’ names over their tiles
  • allow recording of sessions
  • toggle mute on player list
  • auto-mute all option

ViktorAmp Executable
ViktorAmp Executable
6.7 MiB
ViktorAmp Source Code
ViktorAmp Source Code
114.6 MiB


Continuously pings a host and graphs the results. NetGapWatch helps identify possible network problems by monitoring latency and bandwidth.

  • Latency curve
  • Modem Up/Down curves
  • Log with clipboard functions
  • Graph Zoom/Save/Print (JChampion’s ZedGraph)
  • Adjustable response timeout setting
  • Modem Upload/Download curves

NetGapWatch Executable
NetGapWatch Executable
Version: 0.1.4135.32387
358.5 KiB
NetGapWatch Source20140102073159
NetGapWatch Source20140102073159
NetGapWatch Source20140102073159.rar
1.5 MiB


FolderSync replicates/mirrors/synchronizes a source path to a destination path.

  • Recursive
  • Works with Samba and Windows shares
  • Uses LastWriteTime (High and Low precision) attribute instead of hash.
  • Standalone, Fast, Lightweight (12KB exe file).
  • Works with malformed paths.
  • Optional timestamp tolerance (3 second time difference max)
  • Can delete orphaned files (destination folder extra files/folders are deleted)

Usage Example:
> FolderSync.exe “stgx” “Y:\Video\AVI\\” “I:\Video\AVI\\”

FolderSync Executable
FolderSync Executable
Version: 0.2.5635.33343
14.0 KiB
FolderSync Source
FolderSync Source
FolderSync src
Version: 0.2.5635.33343
129.3 KiB